Our Story


Meat was Pete Matheson’s specialty.  After growing up around cattle and butchery, and specializing in meat science in college, he continued to share his livelihood through making sausage with friends and holding massive barbeques for his coworkers at Granite Construction Company.  The centerpiece of his barbeques was his spice blend, a recipe he had in his head, yet was so coveted by everyone who tasted it that constant recipe inquiries bombarded him. In response he would give unlimited bottles of spice to whoever wanted it, but never gave out the recipe.

When he passed away in 2017, his sons were left with a challenge: figuring out the recipe. After months of trial and error, they found out that his sister had kept a written copy of the spice blend recipe tucked away for her use. This recipe provided the key to continue providing the masses with Pete’s Spice.

Pete’s Spice is the perfect blend of garlic, salt, pepper, and other seasonings to enhance the flavor of meat and other savory dishes! Now you can experience the taste that captivated so many who crossed Pete’s path throughout his life.